Why Do We Still Have 90% Silver Constitutional Coins?

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24 thoughts on “Why Do We Still Have 90% Silver Constitutional Coins?”

  1. just picked up $50 FV of Pre-1965 constitutional silver online an hour ago during the dip…spot was 22.76….2 rolls of Roosevelt dimes and 2 rolls of Washington quarters for 20x FV and 4 rolls of mercury dimes for 21x FV…from Monument metals…they just dropped their premiums down to $6.25 over spot…so I jumped on it…what a blessing…smiles

  2. Fascinating topic, Daniel. So true about filling in collections from pocket change. As a young boy, I started an extensive collection of pennies, nickels (Buffs & Jeffs) & dimes (Mercs & Rosies) from my various paper routes. Unfortunately, I was not rich enough to keep quarters…lol.

  3. You are 100% correct. My father had many businesses in the 1960’s and ‘70’s – including a couple of dozen cigarette vending machines and pool tables. He had been pulling silver for YEARS since 1965 and had a huge safe deposit box filled to the brim with silver coins – including Barber dimes, quarters, halves, Walkers, Mercs, Franklins, SLQ’s, and lots and lots of silver Roosies, Washingtons, and Kennedy’s.

    When I took up coin collecting in 1970 he gave the entire hoard to me and we also continued to pull silver together from the businesses. I had more tubes of Constitutional Silver than I could count. It was crazy. I went through ALL of this stuff, of course, filling albums and looking for valuable specimens, but 95% of it was just “junk silver” only valuable for its metal content. Some of it I traded to other collectors for coins, so I am confident that I did not allow any rarities – other than possibly obscure die varieties that no one knew about then – slip through my fingers.

    Nevertheless, I was no different than anyone else. When silver went to $50 an ounce I hauled ALL of my junk silver into downtown Houston and sold it to Colonial Coins on Travis Street in 1980. It was a HUGE profit – and yes – I stood in a long line to get into the LCS and sell those coins. At the time, I was just 18 years old and did not realize that virtually ALL of these coins would go to the smelters and be melted down. If I had been fully aware of that, I’d have acted differently, I think, because it really rubs my numismatic bones the wrong way to destroy ANY classic U.S. silver coin.

  4. Supply and demand. They melt for their little melt profit, drives the value of my coins up past what I have in them and past the melt value, thus increasing my wealth security without me lifting a finger.
    *I can’t stand letting stuff of value get thrown away, but I can’t help what other people do either. I got stacks of stacks of coins surrounding me. Please don’t let the cat in my room 😂
    … seriously.

  5. I only buy constitutional silver unless I can find .999 pre 64 liberty or eagles just picked up 33 oz from JM bullion with dogecoins last night. I’ve seen the fake lab diamond’s so idk if I trust new minted coins I’ve heard of coin testers but I don’t have 3-5k for one of those things.

  6. Constitutional silver is truly the only real money of the united states 90 perfent is the best one bc it needs the copper in it bc silver is very soft. If you can find pre 64 eagles walking liberty ect thats also good but remember some are .999 some are not so good to keep it all in Separate label containers

  7. I STILL get a kick when i see videos talking about “junk silver”. How you call something “junk” when it sells upward of $25.00 for $1.00 face value should be the subject of a future episode of Unsolved Mysteries! Well, if that show was still on the air, LOL. I guess to people who stack gold bullion and 100 ounce bars maybe to THEM it’s junk, but I digress….

  8. How many here remember the full page want ad’s in local newspapers from people set up at hotel’s to “bring in your silver coins and sterling”? They advertised “Highest Prices Paid” for your silver coins and even listed the amount they would pay you for a particular coin. Awww the memories!!!

  9. Most of my stack is 90 percent silver. Almost all of it made since 1982. Several rolls of 1982 Washington half-dollar. 1993 Madison half dollar and 1986 Liberty silver dollar as well as many others. I have maybe one thousand 90 percent coins almost all are proof or BU. My coins also cost little more than half what a pre 1964 half or morgan/peace dollar costs. Keep stacking!

  10. I really dont understand why they even melt them. The have a know content of Silver and the dont ever have to be Asseyed because they have already done that with the metal before production. They are well known and liked around the world so why go throufh the hassle of melting them and recreating whatever item or use they need.
    One other question is why wont anybody buy my 40% Kennedy halves for more than #2.50ea. They are another known quality and quantity. It takes 6.75 pcs to make an ounce of Silver but still I cant find anyone to pay anything over $3. They are worth more so whats going on Daniel care to educte me I could use the help a lot.

  11. I was at a coin show literally today with over 30 dealers easy, only TWO had any constitutional whatsoever, and one of them was selling for 24x. I got a roll of Rosie’s from the other guy for 22x. Unfortunately things like that are what drive people to go more and more online thus hurting local dealers more

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