Why I Left The Life Insurance Business (My Old MLM)

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31 thoughts on “Why I Left The Life Insurance Business (My Old MLM)”

  1. Most agents will never make any money or own their own business/ahency. Capitalism is a scam/fraud/pyramid scheme. Most agents will work LOA for years and barely make above minimum wage. Ive never made any money. Really hoping to see the end of capitalism and a new phase of life for humanity.

  2. First off, I’d like to thank you for these videos; they’ve genuinely helped me to set goals and form my mindset to succeed. I’m 15 years old and was wondering if you have any tips for me with my current state — I’m currently only providing solo lawn care to neighbors near me, since I don’t have a truck yet. I’m currently servicing about 5 yards a week (ranging from roughly 35-50 dollars per yard) It’s decent pay but I certainly have higher goals and anticipation to grow more, except I’m limited by transportation. Should I just keep doing what I’m doing and save the money to help finance a truck or should I try something else? I’m not particularly sure what else to do, would greatly appreciate if you could give me some guidance. Thanks.

  3. Peter , your talking about REALFINANCIAL ? You were a top producer for them which I saw. If not don’t respond to my comment. I can delete this comment if you confirm. I really want to know if it’s Real Financial. I don’t need to know the old mlm if it’s not Real Financial !! Please respond to this comment cuz it’s really important that I know if it’s this company or not. This is extremely important information for me to know for my behalf in regards of the company I decide to go with . Please Robert get back to me !!

  4. As someone who is currently researching how to get into the industry, I seriously appreciate the transparency in your content. I have a 9mo old daughter and spouse to provide for so it really resonates. Eager to see your new path come to fruition for you and learn the ways!

  5. I left my firm and went independent. It felt very cultish in the corporate setting and whole life insurance was sold as an investment, not as insurance. It was unethical. My focus was always to build a holistic practice and keep the client’s best interest top of mind. The corporate firms are all about sales, though. Trying to work in the client’s best interest while trying to satisfy corporate sales quotas is a huge conflict of interests.

    I’ll add, custom guaranteed universal life is the best product to recommend when selling final expense insurance, unless of course they don’t qualify for anything other than a guaranteed issue policy. It’s not about the commission you make, it’s about solving the client’s problem as cost efficiently as possible.

    I hate that life insurance firms don’t require their agents to get their investment licenses and don’t spend a lot time educating them about products and strategies that don’t involve whole life insurance. Oftentimes, people look at their life insurance agent like a financial advisor because they wear a suit and work at a fancy office. The scheme is very complex, to say the least.

  6. Thank you. After dealing with MLM’s for years (mixture of insurance and product sales), I don’t want to deal with the structure anymore. “No More Recruiting”. I moved into the medical field for a change in pace but now I need to make more money. Looking into life insurance and I’m getting told to recruit. I’m glad I ran access this video. I support you in this. I just want to sell policies with great leads with no charge backs. On you application you ask for prior sales proof. I been out of the game for years and don’t have anything to show proof of past successes. Can I still join your team?

  7. My guy, great content. Just got my license and have been doing research on what organization I think would be best to start working with… You made some great points here, genuinely agree.. I want to earn money via selling the products not recruiting agents. It sounds like your an independent agent, if so could you make a video talking about what agency if any you are working with or how that works?

  8. Though I just turned 19 three days ago, I came across your videos and taking into consideration everything you’ve said its truly an honor. A while back a primerica recruit recruited me, and I didn’t abide by their morality, you want me to hurry up and recruit people and sell life insurance but I don’t know what I’m selling and it may not at all be fair to their loved ones and after life. Bad enough I didn’t even have my license yet and I’m selling something that effects people life savings???…that’s crazy!!! I even asked the recruit I had what makes primerica a good life insurance and she couldn’t even tell me all she said was “they’re the best” from then I new their ethical code wasn’t ethical and she was greedy. So I ended up taking advantage of their course and just studying for the exam that is not orchestrated with them but just the state. Unfortunately my mom has bought into a policy that I know for a fact once I get my license and actually see the contract I’ll probably see the flaws in it. But then again that’s why I’m here, to make sure just like my mom being a victim there won’t be others that are victims as well. I love how you do everything from the heart and understand that other peoples livelihood matters. I tried to get my license by taking the test on my birthday but for some reason my computer crashed and prevented me from taking it. I have another appointment set coming up soon to take it but in the mean time I am blessed to receive some insight from you, especially considering I just started watching your videos within the past three days and haven’t stopped since. I am at the moment very new to the game to meet the qualifications to work with you, but hopefully one day in the future you could see how far I’ve came and my work ethic so that we can change the game the right way, and I can be apart of that process. What you’re doing is amazing understand always, positive thinking, brings positive faith, allowing positive anticipation, bringing positive hands and positive actions. Keep going, you’re on to something great🙏🏾💫 P.S I requested to join your Facebook group with gods will I can get approved🙌🏾

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