Why I Quit Selling Life Insurance (Scam Exposed)

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30 thoughts on “Why I Quit Selling Life Insurance (Scam Exposed)”

    1. Typically Free leads will mean you are an LOA /Captive agent for people which means they own your book of business, that’s how the “No chargebacks” come into play as well. Once you write a carrier and have a chargeback they will instantly pay the chargeback, instead of the insurance companies paying you the IMO/Uplines will pay you.

    2. A lot of companies that are legit and have good uplines and training will take new agents with a decent but lower comp, and buy them leads when first starting out, then go on lead assist which can be match what you put in, then work your way to buy your own leads once you start going in, insurance, atleast that’s how we do it, LOA, is not bad though, some agents need it

  1. Totally get your point. I’m with FFL, and I love it. And I have only put in maybe $200-300 of leads. I don’t have a CRM, I don’t have a dialer, no real expenses yet. However, I do my own marketing. 😊 I don’t rely solely on the leads I buy. When you want to make a business work, you’ll find a way. 🔥

  2. I do Lincoln heritage. They finance direct mail leads for $37. This is the start of my second week. They say you need to take 20-22 a week. I sold 4 policies last week. Commission is APx0.75×0.80×0.50. (The 0.50 is to pay back lead/chargeback debt). I’m hurting right now but maybe it’ll get better.

    1. Brother, stop while you can. Don’t ever finance leads. If this is your first opportunity in life insurance, that is not the way to start. Lincoln Heritage is a great company. There are great agencys out there. Dana Nesen is a good gm. I have a field agent friend who is killing it at LH at a different agency but he has 3 years in doing that. Read your contract. Make sure you own your book of business. There are W2 jobs out there to learn while you earn. I wish you good on your journey, because it is a good industry with people that do good work. But many bad agencys out there trynna make a buck at peoples imexperience.

  3. Hi Peter! I love your honesty in your videos. I got a job offer for a life insurance agency that is fairly new with less than 20 employees. They do their own marketing and generate leads for their sales reps. Base pay is low but comission is high. I’m new to life insurance and want to do my due dilligence before I invest my time and energy on an opportunity that might backfire on me. Does this seem like a good company to join in the life insurance industry?

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