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11 thoughts on “Why I Stack SILVER AND GOLD”

  1. There are a lot of Canadian made for collector proof gold coins that make an interesting alternative for the collector/stacker that are available close to bullion prices. I have been able to purchase them from 2-3% over spot and sometimes at or below spot thanks to my volunteering at a coin shop. Places like PMX do sell them for not much more and will bend if you get to know them. European gold is a real bargain considering the age of many of the coins and their history. Current year American gold is the worst buy at the moment.

    1. Good question. Tungsten isn’t easy to work with, especially in fractional form. More common in bars. Its actually quite difficult to counterfeit exact dimensions and weight. So thats a dead giveaway. Also many counterfeits are poor quality designed to fool people with little to no knowledge of coins etc. So for example letters on coins will appear fuzzy that wouldn’t fool a knowledge able collector. Finally, rcm 1 oz coins have bullion dna and Britannia have security features that are hard to replicate

  2. I’ve literally sold all metals the past two months. Took profits, paid off my debt. No more car loan! How many “stackers” can say that? Probably ZERO. Every economic cycle has booms and busts. I’ve learned from experienced investors that taking profits is never a bad thing, paying off debts is a great thing, and investing into assets that are currently trading at a 50% discount is a wonderful thing. Think strategically. As my old friend Cull Silver would say “Don’t buy things because they are shiny and pretty”. Good luck 🙂

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