Why I’m getting even more collectible silver coins with greater costs vs. reduced costs silver bullion.

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38 thoughts on “Why I’m getting even more collectible silver coins with greater costs vs. reduced costs silver bullion.”

  1. You make a good argument that select collector silver coins with premium and beauty and low mintages from major government mints may serve as a slight hedge against dropping silver prices whereas billion coins including ASEs are nothing more than proxies of silver.

    1. @Silver Bean Counter Right but in 2012 I think silver was pretty high and it has dropped over 50%, so timing become very important. This is one of the reasons I subscribe to your channel. You believe in capitalizing on the normal price cycles instead of hoping that someone big corners the futures market and jacks price way up.

  2. I know you like charting take a look at the daily for silver. It is confirmed negative now. Typically this leads to more downside rips before it can flip back positive again – even with global economic risk in its favor. Quite honestly both gold and silver have become a zombie for bonds this month. Directionally they are in lockstep.

    1. If I’m buying one of something, I’m collecting. If I’m buying multiples, especially in larger quantities, I’m looking to sell, make a profit and buy more silver. I consider that saving as my objective is to increase the size of my stack… But that’s just me.

  3. If silver and gold excel and excel beyond Poseidon – chances are silver and gold will sustain an established spot price value that will be well exceeding the current all time values for pm therein. The conjectural disposition is that debt will not be further monetized and that in essence there will be a currency reset whereas the currency is standardized by the most germane hard assets of gold and silver. Gold and silver business strike (numismatic) coins could be melted or hoarded further and become more of scarcity in the global markets – that will increase their values in a numismatic sense further ahead of the going pm spot price. Non business strike bullion pieces with added finishes will also be coupled in that mix as well. Whether it be a 1929 mercury dime in fine grade or a proof 1999 silver eagle both will foresee augmented value appreciation beyond the bullion spot price. In 1980 the value of $50 in today’s cost of inflation adjustment would exceed $800. Silver is the ultimate investment.

    1. @SilverStackinHomesteadPreppin yup cant go wrong mate i saw a 20 year old kook on beans channel looked fresh as day it was minted i havent had any spot up either the ultra high reliefs can be onbtained for less than 30 bucks over here which imo is a steal thanks for replying mate

    2. Haha….. I’ll drink a beer to that! I haven’t had too many that have spotted. I do have a ms70 crocodile that’s a little Milky. NGC has said it doesn’t effect the grading though🤷‍♂️. And like you said, I have some 20 year old kooks that are perfect other than a little toning. The new look each year breaks the monotony of mints that out out the same design each year

  4. Love this video. I am all about the premium 1 oz bullion. I have the swan series, the four horsemen of apocalypse, the Perth lunar series 2, the Korean chewochong series, just missing the first one the 2016, and by far the most beautiful of them. I just don’t get any satisfaction, buying generic rounds or junk silver. I learned a lot watching your videos and other you tube silver stackers videos. Everybody has their strategies,stacking silver which its very educational.
    I just buy coins that I fine attractive, coins that make me want to have in my collection.
    Its really exciting, and satisfying receiving coins in the mail. I don’t mind paying 30 or even 40 dollars for a 1 oz bullion silver coin. If I fine it to be beautiful, attractive in my eyes, I will buy it. I don’t have a huge stack, but the bullion I own all have premiums price. Just wanna share this, I only own one silver eagle 1oz coin. I just dont find them attractive in my eyes. I guess because I see them so much.

  5. The good thing is that I am a SUCKER for the Germania (curiosity, should be pronounced “guermania” from old latin) and all these wonderful coins they are making. I like 2 ouncers a lot, but not the Piedmont, like the Perth Lunar 2 Oz. For sure regular Piedmont like the Beasts are no brainers. Mostly I am buying these beauties. When I get a super crazy at/under spot deal I do not think twice whatever it is. But my coupons are going to free gold.
    For example I am just closing an exchange deal: the 1 gram gold bars I accumulated for free plus a bunch of other things I got with coupons or points in Exchange for either one once gold or 4 x 1/4 ouncers. Have not decided what/which yet, but I want to make the most for my “free” stuff and not to pay even for shipping.
    Also, since I have beaten my yearly weight target for Silver, what I do is to buy one (any year) Silver Eagle from Texas Precious Metal. Their price is on the lower almost spot side with free shipping even for 1 coin. Also, the infamous Littleton Coin Co, they have the worse prices and are for amateurs, however they have their bait offers. Usually a current year BU Silver Eagle please a free BU quarter for about spot. The trick is you enter their subscription, they send you random stuff for evaluation,you just send back, no extra cost. So at the end, considering the quarter, you got your Eagle BU, sealed under spot. I get one of those every other month in the middle of the tons of advertisement they send me.
    It is fun.
    When I was much younger I used to buy from them, very bad deals, they kept me on their mailing since then.

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