Why to buy life insurance in your 20’s

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If you’re in your 20’s or 30’s and single, buying life insurance may sound like an expense you don’t need now. But it could be a smart move. Senior Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson explains how buying a policy when you’re young could pay off.

25 thoughts on “Why to buy life insurance in your 20’s”

  1. Who has any money left over to buy life/health insurance after paying colossal rents, ridiculous fone bills, the latest fashion, streaming content, and student loans?
    How many socialist see the value in future planning when the gov’t already has a plan for everybody?

  2. yes right. you got bunch of debt you can’t afford to pay off with the little salary you have, and the best thing to do with the very little money you have left over is to buy a life insurance. it’s a great thing to have and help the person who co-signed your loan if you plan to die the week after, otherwise you’re a sucker.

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  4. Ppl that insure themselves for this and dont have an abundance of money and don’t work a dangerous job are clowns. Why would u be paying 200$ a year to the garbage bin. What are the chances that you will die before the age of 70 in this day and age. Insurance companies ripping masses off and nobody cares. Everybody just paying 17$ a month its nothing. No its not it, they calculate the probability of death before 50 and they scale it to the masses. And they make insane profits from it. Its just a big scam.

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