Why You Can’t Sit Cross Legged (And How to Fix It)

Are you battling to rest cross-legged conveniently? In this video clip, we’ll reveal you some suggestions on just how to rest cross-legged conveniently as well as take care of any type of issues you might have with your hip muscular tissues as well as hip flexibility.

Sitting cross-legged can be difficult, yet with these suggestions as well as techniques, you’ll have the ability to rest cross-legged conveniently in no time at all whatsoever. We’ll talk about the various factors you might be battling as well as offer options to take care of the trouble. After enjoying this video clip, you’ll have the ability to rest cross-legged conveniently as well as appreciate your time in the convenience of your very own residence!

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At Upright Health we provide you methods as well as study to obtain your life back..

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Matt Hsu’s very own fight with persistent discomfort from the age of 16 in his feet, knees, hips, back, shoulders, elbow joints, lower arms, wrists, hands, as well as head provides him a distinctly detailed understanding of bone and joint discomfort, the methods which it can threaten a whole life, as well as the psychological as well as physical obstacles that maintain individuals from leaving it.

When not recording video clips, he’s exercising in the living-room, browsing, finding out dancing or acrobatics steps, or riding a bike with his child in tow.

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If you can not rest with gone across legs (occasionally described as ‘resting indian design’), after that this video clip is for you. You’ll find out numerous workouts to boost hip flexibility so you can rest with legs went across. You’ll stretch as well as enhance your internal upper leg muscular tissues as well as external hips. You’ll likewise find out little stretches you can do throughout the day so you can progressively improve at resting criss cross applesauce without hip or pain in the back.

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20 thoughts on “Why You Can’t Sit Cross Legged (And How to Fix It)”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Matt! I’ve been following you for a long time and have benefited greatly, but I definitely fall into the “Fast is Foolish” category. I’ve been working on my cross-legged sitting for a while now and still have a lot of asymmetry and a lot of pain around my right hip. I started sitting cross legged through movies (essentially doing a 90 minute workout) and even bought a padded piano bench so I could sit cross legged at the dinner table, but now I think it’s too much too soon (the rest of the day I’m in an office chair). I’ll back off and replace intensity with consistency and see where that gets me. I’ve owned the Healthy Hips program for a while but have only gotten consistent with it since the New Year and am seeing slow but steady improvement. The temptation to go with RIIPS for a quick fix is great, but thanks to you, Matt, I’m trying to improve my mobility the Upright Health way. I could use some help knowing what pain I can work through and what I can’t and when I should take time off and when I should soldier on. Many times, my “rests” become weeks and I’m back to square one trying to fix all the sedentary damage through pure will power. I’m also working on my Asian squat, but progress is slow.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH! I’m 65 and haven’t been able to sit criss cross in years.
    I used to be flexible, sigh
    I am definitely doing these exercises!
    My issue is my knees: both of them hurt when I try to go downward as in the butterfly, for example.
    Can you suggest what will help my knees? What muscles are affected?
    Thank you!

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