Woman Tries To Lift Furniture And Fails

Woman Tries To Lift Furniture And Fails


15 thoughts on “Woman Tries To Lift Furniture And Fails”

  1. Shit, I had to remind my Wife of a hard boundary I have last night. She got upset and just… No.

    She knows I don’t like it, I have reasonable and acceptable issues with it, and she did it anyways. And it’s not the first time.

    She got upset, but I’m not tolerating it.

    Then when I tried to lead us to making up this morning she played the victim and that just pissed me off and drove me away.

    I want to be there for her when she’s upset, but she’s crying because she upset ME and I’m enforcing my boundaries.

    She can cry on her own this time.

  2. That rail hitting her upside the face in the first 11 seconds of the video was satisfying. A good wake up call to tell you to sit and wait for your man so he can actually help you instead of you hurting yourself because you were arrogant enough to believe you could do something like this without him.

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