🦁 Thanks to Twenty-Two for sponsoring this video, check out their supplements here 👉 🔴 SUBSCRIBE to @OVERDRIVE.studios HERE! 👉 This is SUPERKART racing. They are 100 horsepower race karts, with INCREDIBLE power to weight and DOWNFORCE. And they might be small, but they RAPID – holding several OUTRIGHT LAP RECORDS and being faster than FORMULA 1 cars around some circuits. Now, they only have 250cc engines – that’s a quarter of a litre. Yet they produce 100 horsepower! They are inline twins, and are water-cooled 2-stroke engines. (you can see the massive radiator behind the driver). And being two-stroke means they can create incredible power with smaller displacement, as the engine is firing twice as often!

The engines rev to 14 THOUSAND Rpm and run through 5 or 6 speed gearboxes. Most of you will have been in a rental kart that weighs a similar amount to these superkarts – but they have 5 to 10 horsepower. This has ONE HUNDRED! But one difference is that they don’t just brake the rear axle. Similar to higher levels of karting, they have a disc on each corner and super sticky slick tyres – with a similarly soft compound to Formula 1 tyres. ➤Follow Driver61 on: ➤ Instagram- @official_driver61 – ➤TikTok – @official_driver61 – ➤ Follow Scott on: ➤ Twitter – ➤ Instagram – @official_driver61 – ➤ Follow Callum on: ➤ TikTok – @callumraces ➤ Twitter – @callum_mcintyre ➤ Instagram – @mcintyre.jpg #Superkarts #GoKart #Motorsport

15 thoughts on “WORLD’S FASTEST Go-Karts”

  1. i would love to see these Karts do Pikes Peak. 😳 my brother and i had a 125 cc 15000 rpm centrifugal clutch sprint race kart in the later 1980’s and a membership in the karting club at westwood coquitlam bc. the paved sprint track was homoglated for kart racing and it had a s corner, , banked hairpin , a good straight for top speed about 85 mph right down to a 20 mph 90 degree flat left turn. the karts on todays show would be fast on the auto race track at westwood but unfortunately its all gone turned into luxury housing😕

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