Xero Training – How to do Bank Reconciliation for Online Entrepreneurs (2019)

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24 thoughts on “Xero Training – How to do Bank Reconciliation for Online Entrepreneurs (2019)”

  1. But Ms. Sharon, may I ask, I’m a bit confused with regards reconciling the Business Savings Acct in Xero Demo Company. There are prior period reconciling items which I can’t find a match in the Account transactions. Why I don’t see an OK button, and tabs for Match, Create, Transfer, Discuss, Find & Match. I imported the csv file of the bank statement and there are reconciling items that popped out but I don’t know how to proceed because the tabs are missing. I don’t know if there was a locked period on it. The video tutorials I watched focused only on Business Bank Acct which reconciling items arise in current year. How do I go about prior period reconciling items?

  2. บีเคเค แอนด์ ยูเค

    Hi your video very helpful I a small business owner trying to do my own accounts my questions
    1. The balance from bank account =. Xero account? IF not match how to fix it
    2. Creditnote from suppliers I have a problem about this could you show how to reconcile please
    Thank you

  3. Love it! I just spent 4 hours searching through videos and saw a bunch of them trying to explain the reconciliation steps but they all kept skipping. If we were accountants or bookkeepers, we wouldn’t be looking for videos that explain basic steps. I need a video just like yours to EXPLAIN things. Thank you so much!!

  4. Thanks so much for this video – really helpful and informative! We have recently joined Xero and are in the process of setting it up. I was wondering if you could tell us – How far back into our company history should we reconcile statements for? Should we just do it from the start of this financial year? Thanks!

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