The recent but untimely death of the Doxii di Venutiae seems to be a threshold in a series of events that has stirred the Inquisition to explore the red planet. Inquisitorial investigations are not foreign in the aristocratic society of Venus. But rarely has the planet witnessed such a congregation of Imperial agents roaming the palagios at the same time – some in broad Venutian daylight, others in the shadows of verdigris covered walls of the planet.

It seems that all threads lead to the red halls of the Conclavium on top of Ishtar Terra…


++ The Throne Must Have Its Tithe ++
Inquisitor Gregor Morvar and Retinue

Ordo Hereticus of the Black Ship Vulkovs Lament, on assignment to Venus to investigate rumour among the Venutian Palaces of Heretic influence and collect the Tithe due the Emperor.
Two Inquisitorial Shocktroopers, gene bred, mind wiped and accompanied by a Wytch Seeker hound. Their suits are proof against the hazards of Venus.
A Capulus Ferrum, for collecting the Tithe, supervised by a tech adept. Populated, this can channel the gifts of the Tithe, at great risk to the user.
An untouchable, a proto-Culexus created by dark science.


Inquisitor Cordae is an intriguing subject. She is a gifted psyker and can seemingly do things that haven’t been recorded by the Scholastia Psykana before. Unknown to many,Cordae hails from a lesser known death world – Noctis – it’s exact location has contradictory recordings, thought to be on the very edge of the Imperium.
Her journey to Venus has been long and arduous but has allowed her time to gather a band of trusted allies around her in the form of her small retinue. Like her, all plucked from obscurity.
Reports of strange Xenos activity bring her to Venus.


“Ask yourself; who is the hunter and who is the hunted when you chase after the truth?”

Attributed to Inquisitor Amelia Shereen, Ward-Mistress of the Librarium Tenebris, Ordos Redactus
Endymion Voss, Inquisitor of the Ordos Redactus, is hunting for a book.
The Genogrammaton. A true history, if there is such a thing, of the time before Unity, or so the rumors say. Loose threads of a web Voss has been teasing at for decades have finally lured the Inquisitor and his retinue to Venus.
Inquisitor Endymion Voss. A man defined by his goals as much as the lengths he’ll go to achieve them.
Cass Bannister aka the Bullet Bitch. Ex-Arbites, found by Voss when she was left for dead in the guts of an underhive, she’s got more than a few scores to settle.
Upham-7351. Combat servitor. Rumor has it he was part of Voss’ prior retinue. Rumor has it lethal injuries suffered protecting Voss turned him into what he is now.
The truth is far far worse.
Hensa Bladesinger. Ex-hive ganger. What she remembers about her time working for Voss is almost as interesting as what she doesn’t.
Marcus Legerre. Veteran of the Pro-Wars on Chernog. Faithful. Follows orders without question. An old head injury has left him unable to read.
All great qualities for a trooper in the Redactus.
“Jenny” aka “The Box”. A floating sarcophagus inherited from Voss’ predecessor. Only Voss knows the word to open it. He’s only had to do it twice.
This is his third retinue.


As the black orb of Venus came to sight, Inquisitor de Ordaz stood aside his lead Interrogator, Gloria Haex. Both contemplated the impressive structures and elegant gardens of the Venutian palaces floating above the thick layer of dark clouds that formed the planet’s atmosphere as their ship Age of Enlightenment descended. Equally majestic and decadent to the eyes of the puritan Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus, these where the homes of some of the wealthiest and most influential families of the Imperium, the families that formed the Conclave Venutiae and the very ones he had been ordered to investigate for signs of corruption and heresy.

Diego de Ordaz had spent the time of the short journey from Terra in meditation, preparing himself for the investigation to come.

Treading carefully was not his strength and he could sense that he would need to muster all his resolve if he wanted to pierce through the dark web of secrecies that surrounded the six great houses of Venus.

But for now, the Inquisitor and his retinue were making final preparation for their meeting with Lord Macro di Croia of House Tenebrosus.



NULLA SANCTUM, phase-iron shrouded Pariah keep for the Ordos Sicarius, located deep below the Tenebronii.
Irabeth Crims – The Red Queen.

Grand Master Inquisitor of the TEMPLE SECRETUM, an Assassinorum temple named for its dedication to keeping the Imperium’s darkest secrets by any means necessary. Magister Samadhi.
Mira Ramorea – The White Queen. Inquisitor, Heretec, Secret Master of the only existing TEMPLE MAEROUS.
Illosov Stan – Inquisitor. Vindicare Temple.
Carion Jubb – Acuitor Mech-Assassin.
Thustrasse – Assassin, Bio-weapon. Legionstrasse’s offspring. Human/ Mutant/ Xenos Hybrid.


+++ The oldest secrets are locked with the deepest vaults. The dark corners of history hold the truths of the future. Theodricus has visions of the sister of the throneworld dancing in the light. Casting away a veil of darkness, allowing us a glimpse at what she holds closest… Set a course for the Sol system. +++


  • Inquisitor Gideon Krieg+ Ordo Hereticus – Member of the secret organization known as The Antiquarti.
  • Interrogator Ren Castranova + Apprentice of Gideon Krieg
  • Wolfgang + Bodyguard to the Inquisitor, assigned to protect the diviner
  • Theodricus Sicht + Diviner bound in servitude to Gideon Krieg


Blood in the sand.

Mining facility Nos T-21

« Your legs are broken » I told the taskmaster.

« It’s only minor injuries, you could crawl to the closest outpost and receive medical attention. » The taskmaster turned on her back to face me, hope and surprise in her eyes. She did not except mercy… but I had none left to spare these days.

« Unfortunately, you are already dead. » I said, slowly removing my auto-pistol from its holster. I kept talking « There is nothing you can do about it: you were expecting me, saw through my disguise and attacked me. I had no choice but to call the monster. You saw what he did do to your team…»

She started talking but I cut her off « This tells me two things. First, I am on the right track, your actions confirmed my suspicion on your employer. Secondly, and I deplore it, I cannot let you live and share what you just witnessed. What I can give you is a choice. You know what I wish to know. Give it to me and I can make it swift, or… » Cherubael, floating close to me smiled, his hand still drenched in blood, dripping on the sand.

« … Venus… Venutiae Saggiatorii » she finally said.


Inquisitor-Domina Monstrare: Abnegted her status as daughter of the Venutia de Monstrare with her betrayal. Unwelcomed visitor to the House of Truth. Follower of the Ocularian philosophy. Thoemancer of the Emperor’s Tarot. (Accompanied by a servo skull – shield skull)

Reckoner: analysist of the divinatory phophetications. Oft go insane due to the contradictory and horrific predictions they trawl through for strains of truth behind the daemons lie. (Accompanied by a servo skull – gun skull)

Onomatomancer: divination by the use of ‘true names’ Long forbidden by Inquisitorial authority for its link with malefic sorcerer and the command of daemons.

An extremely powerful tool in the arsenal of an Ocularian Inquisitior, who is wandering the paths of destiny towards damnation. Those who see are often blinkered.

Anthropamancer: A divinator who uses the entrails of the living to predict the future.

Shaman and witch doctors are often used by Inquisitior’s of the radical Ocularian philosophy. Those with a truer understanding of the philosophy know they have truck with witches and sorcerers.

Astragalomancer – Divination by the use of dice or knucklebones.

In this case a poor divinator but an excellent fighter and gambler.


“I loved Venus once.

Yet, she is a cruel lover.

Her thoroughfares glistening like diamonds, but caked with soot mixing with old blood

Her perfume sweet like a thousand flowers, sulfur and decay.

Her sky a marble of infinite colors, and cold darkness.

Yes, she is a cruel lover.“

Journal of Sigmador, Inquisitor Malleus.

Unwanted son of Venutia di Monstrare.

Unwillingly back on Venus, on behalf of his patron, to retrieve a memory once lost, written in blood, that is aching to be found.


++ Usually at home amongst the orbital stations of the Sol sector, Investigator Quillon and his team are tasked with the investigation of high profile cargo often bound for the courts of imperial nobility.
Lately an increase has been noted in the number of warp tainted artefacts seized on route to Venus. After measured communication with Inquisitor Ruggiero of the Ordo Hereticus, it has been decided that a more detailed investigation to the surface is required to trace anything that has so far avoided the gaze of the inquisition… ++


We are delighted to showcase the final part of our patrons and friends exploring Venus and its insane web of intrigue where everything you have been told is a lie!

Stay tuned for more info about the Iron Sleet Invitational MMXXII…

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